hallicon1.jpg 2009 is here and I gotta say, despite drinking a bit too much of the Evan Williams (the best bargain basement knock-off of Jack Daniels money can buy) I came out on ‘this side’ of New Year’s Eve with nary a hangover! How freakin’ sweet is that, huh? I don’t have a whole heckuva lot to post but figured I couldn’t let the first of the year go by without acknowledging it here on Goof Roof. Let’s see, what should my New Year’s resolution be? speedlimit.jpg How about I resolve to watch my speeding in the forthcoming year? (Couldn’t pass it up with such a great photo graphic!) Anyhoo, I hope everyone had a great New Year’s Eve! My first art project for the new year is a parody of the forthcoming X-MEN:WOLVERINE movie that I just started inking. It’s going to be in a ‘very special’ HUSTLER HUMOR issue that I can’t really say anything about just yet…but I’m very excited about it. So far the art on the Wolverine piece is turning out just peachy and is a tad nastier than what I usually do but I’m told that’s what sends those copies flying off the shelves at your local adult bookstores and seedy truckstops! I’ll get some of that art posted soon. Oh, and the new GOOSEPOOP is in the works too! poop.jpg