monster4.jpg Bacchi Balls! We’re only halfway into January, gang, and I have to say that 2009 is officially the bomb! What I’m most grateful for at this point in the year are my two, totally ridiculous morning show partners Tank and Ginger; two spirited knuckleheads who appreciate immature, flatulence humor even more than I do. Tank for his hard-rocking leg kicks and Ginger for introducing me to one of my new, most favorite movies…FM! A radio epic from the 1970’s featuring Martin Mull.

mybloodyvalentine3d-1.jpg Also, in the running to be my favorite for 2009…My Bloody Valentine 3D!

We’re going to see this baby on Friday and I can’t wait. The only movie I expect to exceed my expectations more-so is the new FRIDAY THE 13th that opens in February. But ‘Valentine’ will be the perfect lead-in to the weekend. It’s been a busy week at ROCK 102 what with all of the AC/DC ticket giveaways….relaxing with a good 3D slasher will be a nice sorbet to cleanse the pallet before Saturdays concert! Okay, gotta run. We’ll talk more later!