2007 is here! Lookee, lookee…New Year’s Day and I don’t even have a hangover. Apparently, part of growing older is learning not to overindulge quite as much as in my decadent youth. Who knew?


Speaking of decadent, I’ve been plugging away on a couple of projects for LFP for the new year. My take on “My Name is Earl” is coming along a tad slower than I’d hoped it would. Ten percent inspiration and ninety percent perspiration. I like how the artwork is turning out, but the jokes and storyline are less than stellar at this point. In addition to the ‘Earl’ piece, I’m a page shy of finishing up a four-page “King Of Queens” parody that I have a little bit more faith in! Probably because it’s the more inane of the two shows and therefore easier to make fun of.


Also, ‘King of Queens’ is in it’s final season so I feel like a can take a few more liberties with it. It’s rather enjoyable drawing panel after panel of Leah Remini. Not to mention Jerry Stiller…would ya’ look at that likeness of Jerry Stiller there! Is that a thing of beauty or what? Ah, well…in the end it’s just smut, eh? With the way television is lately, I just hope these comics make it to press before these shows get cancelled or something. The networks are pretty quick to pull shows off their schedule without so much as a warning these days! Well, happy new year to ya’ and hopefully there’s lots more to come!