stan.jpg Whooeee! It’s been a big weekend at the Casa de Scotch here in Hawley-weird! We had some friends over on Friday night (The Ludwigs if you must know) and finished construction on my son’s pinewood derby car for Boy Scouts. Saturday was race day and my boy took first place in his division and third overall! The Hawley Community Building was practically on fire with hot racing action, bruthah!!

I spent the rest of Saturday finishing off the final art for my “X-Men Origins: Wolverine” parody for HUSTLER Humor! I’m relieved to finally have it finished…which leads me to something I need to get off of my chest! I recently was reprimanded by a fellow artist who told me that I should be ashamed for using my God-given artistic talents to draw what he deemed to be offensive and only appealing to the prurient interests! He even went so far as to call HUSTLER Humor EVIL!! In my defense, I think that’s rather short-sighted. I freelance for LFP and the parodies I do for them are written by me. I can safely say that they’re no more evil than anything you’d find in MAD Magazine. Sure, they’re a bit more graphic, but that’s kind of the point of an adult humor magazine. I’m not going to dignify the accusation with any further discussion here but I just thought I should say HUSTLER Humor is quite the opposite of evil, it represents a freedom that we all share in this country.
zombie.jpg With that said, I doubt the guy I’m talking about would approve of the totally awesome movie I watched the other night either! If you haven’t seen ZOMBIE STRIPPERS, I’d like to tell you it’s well worth 90 minutes of your time. It is a horror comedy about zombified strippers that features references to a number of philosophers, including Camus and Sartre, but really it’s silly and a heck of a good time. Although, be warned it is extremely gory. Even more so than I’m used to…oh yeah, and there’s a lot of skin on display as well! Go figure! I’ll leave you with this rather unflattering panel featuring a caricature of yours truly to remind my fellow-judgemental-cartoonist friend that ‘comic spoofs’ are only ‘comic spoofs’ and if that’s evil then you can slap my butt and call me Nelly! Later Gator! stoned.jpg