valentine.jpg Well, there’s many reasons why I suck…ahem! But let’s get to that later. There’s one heck of a week ahead! First of all, we finally get to start unloading the all new “Scotch, Tank, and Ginger’s Valentine’s Recipes for Morons” books on Rock 102! We even got Terry Spies and DZL (pronounced Diesel) to contribute…although, I wouldn’t advise consuming the DZL FUEL. Ugh, you’ve been warned. land.jpg
Next, I’ve been doing an awful lot of drawing recently. The good news is the KILLVERINE X-men parody I was working on for HUSTLER Humor got accepted into HUSTLER proper (the main mag) which means more moolah. Unfortunately, that also leaves me scrambling to create a replacement piece for HH. I opted to do the forthcoming LAND OF THE LOST movie that Will Ferrell is starring in. It’s turning out pretty good if I must say so myself. Have a look-see to the right over there! I’ve always been such a fan of the old Saturday Morning Krofft shows like Land of the Lost, HR Pufnstuf, Lidsville and Sigmund and the Sea Monsters. It’s fun that they’re finally doing a big screen adaptation of Land of the Lost.
Now, why I suck. I submitted a comic to HEAVY METAL and it took so long to hear back from them that I also submitted it to HUSTLER Humor. After in ran in HH I finally heard back from HEAVY METAL…they’d like to run it, but seeing as it was
jason1.jpg published recently they can’t use it. Sigh, so much for getting into HEAVY METAL! Well, back to the drawing board. At the very least I have the new theatrical release of FRIDAY THE 13th to look forward to this week. That’s the movie Mrs. Scotch and I are going to for our Anniversary. There’s nothing quite like spending 15 years with someone who someone who enjoys watching the same cinematic crap as you do! Gawd, I love that woman! Well, that’s all for now. As Commander USA used to say, “Keep your nose in the air and your tail out of the wind.”