abstract.jpg Well, I just completed one of my first experiments with abstract in acryllic. This work is dependent on design fundamentals. That is form, color, and composition. As you can see, the most complex emotions can be evoked from the simplest of forms; exploring the relationship between man-made structures and…FEH! I’m just kidding. I actually just dragged this door-sized piece of wood into the basement, cranked up some Rancid and started splashing on the paint. I really dig how it turned out though. “Punk Beats Up Jazz in an Alley”, that’s what it’s called. I wanted to make sure it had a title that didn’t portray the piece as being any more phony and pretentious than it actually is.

Oh, the HELL’S KITCHEN parody comic I did is finally in print. The April 2009 issue of Hustler is on newsstands now and I was quite excited to see the comic is within the first few pages of the magazine! Here’s a sneak preview to tide you over…y’know, until you get a chance to go to the truck stop or convenience store and buy yourself a couple of copies!