Talk about your irony. After mentioning him in the last post it turns out that Lardgut co-founder, Joel Syvrud (the hardest-rocking podiatrist in show business), will be joining Crummy and myself in the bowels of Goosepoop studios this weekend as we continue working on the latest cd.
Syvrud, pictured above on the left with the hairdryer, is known to many in the local underground music scene as the “dirty” Michael Jackson, although in this writer’s opinion he rocks more like a young Robert Urich. (Incidentally, this picture was taken over twenty years ago before the weight of the world crushed his spirit.)
I’m not sure what direction the band will take with the addition of this new catalyst, but my hopes are that instead of resisting our bourgeois urges like we did on our last disc, we embrace them and call the album, “Anyone Going to Starbucks, Because if You Are, I Could Use a Half-Caf Latte!”