fifty.jpg Springtime in Fargo means floodtime, but I’m pretty sure that the damp smells in the air are NOT the flood waters of North Dakota. They more than likely can be attributed to the photorealistic cover art of ‘Honey the 50 Foot Hooker’ drawn by Tom Simonton. Tom has been one of my favorite artists for years. I was first exposed to his work when he was a weekly contributor to Bruce David’s “Sunday Comics Online” website. Around the same time I was doing a weekly called PARANOIA. This month, Simonton contributes another kickin’ Trauma Corps story to HH. He draws goils reeaaal good, uh-huh!

Other standouts in the new Spring 2009 Issue include Bob Muleady and Tom Holtkamp’s Ultimate Movie Fighting Championship 2, Don Lomax’s four-page comic, Asian Dick, and a classic Honey Hooker piece by Bruce Helford and Tom Garst. My humble parody of the Biggest Loser squeezes it’s lardass into this issue as well. lard011.jpg

I would be a big, fat, fool myself if I didn’t mention the most important aspect of any HH, the awesome single-panel gags of the HUSTLER cartoon masters; John Billette, Dan Collins and George Trosley. I advise you do what editor, Bob Muleady recommends in the first few pages of this issue…Get comfy in your favorite reading chair, crack open a cold one, and laugh your ass off, secure in the knowledge that the guy in the White House, for the first time in eight long years, isn’t some dumb sonuvabitch! Now run on out to your local truck stop or adult bookstore and grab yourself two copies of what is quite possibly the funniest issue of HUSTLER Humor EVER!!