When you freelance for an ‘adult publication’ that isn’t exactly known for it’s tact, it can really catch you off guard when you’re asked to change something due to it being distasteful. It sounds like my four-page parody of CBS’s “King Of Queens” series finale will still make it into the magazine…however, a couple of offending panels needed to be altered as they were deemed a bit too “mean-spirited” by the features editor. Oh, and believe me, they most certainly WERE! Heh-heh-heh. One of those panels is the one you see here with Kevin James swallowing a bullet, much to the delight of Jerry Stiller. Fortunately, the edits didn’t take long, and let’s be honest…even though I think it’s funny, I’m not opposed to a little compromise, especially when a paycheck is in question! So much for artistic integrity, eh? I’ll keep you posted as to when this ‘art’ goes to press!