hhmovie Well, they say hard economic times produce hard sales at the box office. Too bad hard economic times don’t produce better movies, eh? Well, worry not, you bastards. Your good friends over at ‘HUSTLER Humor’ have got you all taken care of… namely an issue packed with some of the biggest, dirtiest, movie spoofs ever commited to paper. Pretty exciting for yours truly as 24 pages of this freakin’ issue are taken up by me! Classic reprints of my Snakes on a Plane, King Kong, Superman Returns, Casino Royale, and Dukes Of Hazard parodies, as well as my new Land Of The Lost satire. Also in this issue, Aaron Warner contributes a super-sexy cover and illustrates a great spoof of ‘Wanted’, written by Bob Muleady.

New Bond kicking a little you-know-what! Looking for an alternative to overpriced movie fare this summer? Then grab up this overpriced magazine filled with sophomoric jokes and delinquent gag cartoons that make an excellent substitute to those spendy theaters. Believe-you-me, there’s nothing else like it on the newsstand.