jandk1 Can’t let Jon-and-Kate-mania get past me without firing off a parody to good ol’ HUSTLER magazine, eh? Looks like this ones a four pager and hopefully it will be done in the next week or so.
Big week ahead at the radio station, what with the Red River Valley fair and it’s numerous, toothless, carnies in town…got to ride a few throw-up rides today for media day. It was a blast! Plus MOONDANCE JAM is right around the corner. That should be a hoot this year as well.
Oh, by the way, you’ve gotta see EVIL BONG 2: KING BONG on dvd! It just came out this last week from Full Moon Features and it’s a freakin’ riot. I thought it was better than the first one. The pacing is a lot stronger. Although we start out with roughly the first 20 minutes of the movie taking place in Larnell’s apartment, the writing is more competent and a lot funnier this time out. Between Brett (Brian Lloyd) showing up in that fat suit and Larnell’s chronic erection and dry humping there’s quite a few laughs to be had. It REALLY takes off once it moves to the jungle.bong Grandpa’s constant verbal abuse is a riot, lots of pot smoking, and HOLY MAN, those Poontang tribe girls are hot! Plus Rabbit, the UPS delivery guy is great!
Plenty of EeeBee and they gave her much better dialogue to say this time out; I liked that her mouth moved a bit more. Plus once King Bong arrives on the scene their interaction is pretty crude, non-PC, and hilarious. (Oh, man! There is a raunchy song/rant from King Bong during the closing credits you’ve got to hear!) Less of a horror angle this time out. I have to say though, even being a horror fan, I’ll probably have more repeat viewings of this one than the first, sort of the same way I feel about Gingerdead Man 2. I was REALLY pleased with King Bong!