hallicon.jpg Hey, ameegs! Good news on the ‘Jon and Kate Plus Eight’ parody…it’s finished and it has been approved for HUSTLER. Not sure what issue it will be in, but it usually takes a few months from the time I submit until the time it hits newsstands. I’ll post a few more samples from that piece in the next day or two. I also have to tell you about an awesome flick I just watched. Wait for it….Jim Wynorski’s The Lost Empire! Oh, this movie is so brimming with tacky, b-movie goodness I barely know where to start!

loste Not to be confused with Disney’s Atlantis;The Lost Empire this is one of the most enjoyable 1980’s exploitation flicks I have ever seen! I tried to track this movie down for years and finally director Jim Wynorski himself was kind enough to burn me a copy! This was Jim Wynorski’s debut directorial effort and I really enjoyed all of the various exploitation elements rolled into this one movie. From the opening cleavage shot, to how it quickly launches into some supernatural, ninja/kung fu action…followed by a bit more gratuitous cleavage and nudity! Then there’s the women-in-prison catfight (complete with one inmate in complete s&m attire) which devolves into some mud wrestling and then a prison shower scene! The gorilla getting kicked in the nuts left me in total stitches…and that Raven De La Croix as White Star was very bountious! Plus Angus Scrimm! Man, you’d have to rent six or seven different exploitation movies to get that kind of variety! Glad I finally got to see this!!