vampy1 Nine, Nine, Oh Nine! I haven’t heard that many nines since the time I groped Heidi Klum in an elevator! Ha-ha! Okay, I’m not actually that sharp. I stole that from our Premiere Prep site we use at the radio station. Don’t tell my Facebook friends though. They all think I’m witty…and let’s not forget cool. I’m like the freakin’ Fonzie of the social networking site! So, slow and steady wins the race, right? I’m taking FOREVER on this Hustler’s Ultimate Vampire Movie parody I’m working on! I don’t know what my problem is.
rock Either way, this was allz-kindz-of-fun! My wife threw me the most excellent 40th Birthday Party over Labor Day weekend! I got to play with all the guys from my old band, get into the whiskey a little bit, and behave like a kid my age ought to! The crowd really seemed to enjoy Metal Ballz! It’s funny that a song a person wrote when he was seventeen could still carry so much clout this many years later!
sundae Oh, one last thing to recommend…Hot Blood Sundae! Pretty entertaining, B-horror comedy about an adult ice cream store and the sexy employees who work there. Some very gorgeous actresses in this flick, including Bobbi Billard and Akira Lane, and a ridiculous slasher/killer with an ice cream bucket on his head. Not bad at all if you like that sort of thing. Well, gotta go play with the Jason Voorhees action figure I got for my birthday! Like the Descendents said, “I don’t wanna grow up!”