thwak Simply breathtaking! That’s all I’m capable of saying at the moment! Whew…too cool! I just got my hands on the all-new THWAK Bonfire of Insanity collection and I’m speechless! Marten Jallad put this baby out and my ugly visage graces the cover along with his and my sleazy, co-conspirator, Kit Lively. Also pictured are fellow THWAK contributors Mike Arnold, Ben Boling, Scott Gosar and…well, numerous others! The sweetest reward is that it’s drawn by legendary artist, Kent Gamble, a hero to many of us humor-mag-geeks! Thwak was a humor magazine that ran for six issues in the early 2000’s. It featured talent from contributors to Mad, Cracked, Crazy, National Lampoon, Arcade, etc…you get the picture. I’m very proud to be included in this collection; I illustrated a four-page piece that was written by Garbage Pail Kid’s designer, Jay Lynch as well as a couple of other spot illustrations. This will be available on bookstands this Fall with an alternate, mass appeal cover. (What?! You don’t wanna look at our mugs?!) Get more info over at kratom for opiate detox Grab a copy or better yet GRAB TWO! 128 highly flammable pages featuring interviews with Carmine Infantino, Kelly Freas, Bruce Bolinger and Jay Lynch.