stoned.jpg Hello, my fellow reprobates! Just realized I haven’t updated in a while so here’s the haps. I’m finishing up the final revisions on my 4-page comic, HUSTLER’s ULTIMATE VAMPIRE MOVIE and am getting ready to do my second part to the Sorority Girls and the Egyptian Subterfuge comic. I originally did this as a sequel to the Sorority Girls and the Doll Asylum of Doom story that ran a couple of issues back in HUSTLER Humor, but the editor, Bob Muleady, asked if I’d do a second part to it that may run in the same issue. Very exciting…not sure what I should put those poor sorority girls through next!haunting

Hey, I gotta tell you about a flick I watched the other night. A surprisingly good ghost story from The Asylum called The Haunting of Winchester House. Yep, I said The Asylum and even though some of their past releases have been a bit suspect this one is a damn, fine, frightfest! In fact The Asylum has recently released TWO strong ghost-related movies on dvd, the other being 100 Feet starring Famke Janssen and Michael Pare; y’know, the guy from Eddie and the Cruisers? I’d have no qualms about strongly recommending either of these for your October/Halloween viewing pleasure. More to come!