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Ho ho! Well, that saucy blonde’s chainsaw-wielding shenanigans must mean it’s time for another Halloween-related, October movie update! We’ve been watching some pretty damn fine horror flicks at the Casa de’ Scotch, including the most recent FULL MOON offering, Skull Heads, directed by Charles Band himself.
skull Full Moon delivers an odd little film here, that’s helped a great deal by it’s locale. It was filmed at Mr. Band’s Italian castle, which gives it a great, creepy atmosphere, not to mention some top-notch production value that’s been sorely lacking in more recent Full Moon flicks! The film centers around the Arkoffs; a strange, inbred version of the Addam’s Family, who’s castle houses several ancient protectors known as Skull Heads. If one just looked at the box art, you’d easily dismiss this as just another killer puppet movie from the studio that’s brought you a long line of such fare. But this movie is seriously twisted and worth a look…If only for the scene in which Robin Sydney takes her top off. Guaranteed to put a broomstick in yer pants this Halloween. (Sorry, I couldn’t resist.) I don’t know that I’d save this for your Halloween, movie-watching, line up, but I’d give it a viewing at least one evening leading up to the holiday. After all, that’s what October is all about!