jag21 A lot of times I feel like it doesn’t matter how often I update this site. Heck! I figure only a very small number of people stumble upon this web page and then it’s probably by accident after Googling a roofing company. If that is you, than I assure you, good sir, this is NOT the website of a roofing contractor. As it turns out, I receive numerous e-mails asking me why I haven’t been updating more regularly! What?! You don’t think I have stuff to talk about?! Why you, I oughta….I have several things cooking right now. The comic book cover art you see to the left for SPACE JAGUAR will be appearing in an upcoming Fred Olen Ray film that I’m not allowed to discuss at the moment. But feel free to feast your eyes upon it.
I’m also working on a character that will soon be appearing locally in an animated television commercial. I’ll be doing the artwork for the commercial as well…sort of a Schoolhouse Rock type of thing. Pretty cool, actually. I wish I could say it’s my idea but somebody else is behind it, I’m just doing the drawing! Aside from that, I’m still plugging away on the Chernobyl Cheerleaders book, that much like Gross Gags will be done in b&w with the exception of the cover. I’ve been posting some samples from it in previous posts you may have noticed. cover
My buddy Herb noticed! He contacted me and asked…”What’s with the b&w thing? Is that new? Let’s put a twist on the mist.” I have no idea what the hell that means to be perfectly honest, but I like it. Let’s put a twist on the mist…hmmm. The b&w thing is actually just because I’m too broke to publish a full-color book so black and white interiors is as good as it gets, bub! Incidentally, the new book, GROSS GAGS, is now available for purchase and is very affordable at $8 bucks! Shoot me an e-mail if you’re interested in buying a copy or two. scotch987@hotmail.com They turned out great! Oh, and here’s one more quickie for you. Artwork that’s appearing on this year’s KFGO Tom and Larry Christmas mugs! Enjoy. I drew that smirk on Tom, special just for him! -Noel