This is a new painting I’ve been working on. I’ve been knocking myself out with a lot of minute detail on this one. Maul of Amerika; I guess my wife’s crazy rants about consumerism have been rubbing off on me. (Incidentally, she doesn’t mind me saying she’s a crazy person, as long as I don’t post a photo of her along with the statement that she is a crazy person.) Let’s start with the “full monty”, shall we? This is about the size of a movie poster.


It’s done in acryllic, ink, and colored pencil on corrugated cardboard. This is the third painting I’ve done in this style, but the other ones weren’t quite as involved. Here’s some close-up detail.




So, yeah, you get the gist of it…capitalism is inherently evil. Consumerism will ultimately destroy us all. It’s a beautiful world, isn’t it? I try not to be too message heavy— let’s all just try to help one another stay afloat!