Alright, let’s be honest…I’m not getting rich doing this! I just like to draw. That doesn’t mean, however, that I wouldn’t like to see a little scratch for my efforts. The current issue of HUSTLER features the 4-page Ultimate Vampire Movie parody I wrote and illustrated. It’s technically the June issue; I just got my copy in the mail so it should be on newsstands within the next week. Below is GROSS GAGS, which you can purchase in the adult-section at FM NEWS here in Fargo. They’re in that K-mart plaza on University. If you’ve never been there before they’ve got an awesome collection of comics and magazines. I get all my copies of Fangoria and Rue Morgue there.
grosscov.jpg saw2.jpg Finally, I have a ton of copies of the debut issue of the official comic book adaptation of Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers for sale. Contact me at for purchase information and I’ll get you all hooked up. There are several other things in the works right now at Goof Roof, including some artwork for an animated television commercial and a forthcoming Fred Olen Ray film called Turbulent Skies. I’m also going to be doing some artwork for a new Richard Griffin film called Atomic Brain Invasion. Keep checking back here at the Goof Roof website for more updates. Oh, and here’s a really cool lobby card for Richard Griffin’s Atomic Brain Invasion. Check it out!