Alright, it may be difficult for me to put into words the exact way I’m feeling at this moment but I’ve literally just been handed the Lardgut Bible! For the ill-informed, Lardgut is the brand name that has stained the majority of entertainment product which has spilled out of the minds of my friends and I over the past 25 years!
grail This is a self-indulgent rant because, let’s face it, obviously this stuff is going to hold a sentimental value to me that just won’t connect with anyone outside of our circle of imbecils. My buddy, Crummy, just handed over a cardboard box that contains a four-track recorder, a drum machine, sequencer and HOURS UPON HOURS OF UNMIXED LARDGUT MATERIAL ON CASSETTE!! I’m talking about old Punky Boobster material, old Goosepoop material, God Dog sessions, drunken jams…it’s ridiculous how much time I’m going to waste pouring over this stuff, but suddenly I feel as though it’s my obligation to chronicle it all, remaster it and put it to disc. I wholeheartedly apologize to my wife in advance. I’m going to be a kid in a candy store!