Aloha, fiends! The new Summer edition of HUSTLER Humor is readily available at finer truck stops and adult bookstores everywhere. The latest installment features an awesome spoof of tabloids like the National Enquirer. I’ll let you get an eyeful of this fine cover by Bob Muleady first and then I’ll tell you about the double-serving of yours truly that’s served up on the inside.

Good stuff, eh? Of course it is…did you think America’s Funniest Humor Magazine was just a clever cover blurb to sell magazines?! Sheesh! So, I managed to squeeze quite a few of my goodies into this summer edition. First off is a four-page comic I did called Sorority Babes and the Egyptian Subterfuge and let’s be honest, it features a lot of nudity! Fortunately, this is HUSTLER Humor so they like that sort of thing, natch! There’s also a book review and four-page preview of GROSS GAGS! That’s the book that Kit Lively and I toiled over for a year. Here’s a little sample of that mind-numbing rot for you.


There’s also 3-D babes, rotten jokes, a classic Honey Hooker piece and more Trosley, Muleady, Billette and Collins than you can shake your stick at! Just screw up the courage and ask that broad at the gas station to grab you one from behind the counter. Just to be safe, you better buy two of ’em!