fallhumor The smell of Fall is once again hanging in the air like the odor of a pungent fart in church. For those of you who are familiar with America’s Funniest Humor magazine, you realize that it’s time to grab up the latest copy of HUSTLER Humor! That’s right…I am such a fan that I’m pimping the mag, regardless of the fact that I didn’t make deadline and am not in this issue! Don’t, however, let that prevent you from enjoying what this fine yock rag has to offer this time around! Muleady, Trosley, Collins, and Billette consistently churn out some of the funniest and filthiest cartoon gags you could ever imagine! Muleady, incidentally, gets the honor of having the sickest caroon of all time in this issue. (It’s on page 44 for those of you who plan on picking it up!) And Aaron Warner really delivers the goods, as he always does, with an Avatar parody that’s part photo-funny and features a very hot, very real, blue chick incorporated into the comic. I’ve probably mentioned this before, but I am a huge Aaron Warner fan. That guy just nails it every time! Of course, George Winners has some great stuff in this issue as usual and there’s even a classic Honey Hooker piece to boot…and who doesn’t enjoy a piece of Honey Hooker, eh? There you have it perverts…the Fall 2010 issue of Hustler Humor is on newsstands as we speak! Go pick it up now or regret it for the rest of your life! Now I gotta go get busy cartooning so I can get something into the next issue, sigh.