asylum-milf-dvd-cover-art Sure, MILF may be an acronym that would be considered crass and vulgar if spelled out, but it’s well suited to a film which is as crass and vulgar as this latest dvd offering!
The Asylum has out National Lampooned themselves with another fine T&A comedy, MILF! The same folks that brought you The 18-Year Old Virgin and SEXPOT, now unleash the tale of four inept college nerds who latch on to the concept of getting it on with older women. Although our protagonist, Brandon ends up hooking up with his best friend Anthony’s mom, this is certainly not The Graduate. Think of it as more of an ultra-horny version of CLASS, the 1983 Rob Lowe comedy. Good-hearted with plenty of nudity to keep your attention, MILF sports plenty of good looking ladies, sophomoric hijinks, and a handful of laugh-out-loud moments that could only be enhanced by some heavy drinking. For an American Pie styled romp you could do a helluva lot worse than MILF! Check it out today on dvd from our good friends at The Asylum.