images Hats off to director Trey Strokes. 2010: Moby Dick is a new modern monster masterpiece! Think I’m being a little bold with that one? There are some truly jaw-dropping moments in this film, including a pre-credit sequence that’s pretty hard to top. Young Ahab, played by Jay Gillespie (#1 Cheerleader Camp) first encounters the prehistoric whale when it drags the submarine he is in to the surface in it’s mouth and then snaps it in half on the ice. Now, older and obsessed with destroying Moby Dick, the whale that maimed him, Captain Ahab (Barry Bostwick) leads the crew of a high tech submarine.
Bostwick (Spin City) does an amazing job in an over-the-top performance as a man on the edge. Renee O’Connor (Xena: Warrior Princess) is Dr. Melville, a whale-tracking marine biologist who looks great in a bikini. There are some great effects including a sequence in which the whale jumps out of the water to devour another whale. Also, my favorite, a scene in which he eats a helicopter! You know that if you’re in an Asylum movie and you’re flying a helicopter, you’re as good as freakin’ toast!
Bales, Rimawi, and Latt have done it again…and they just keep doing it better and better each time!