There’s probably alot of people who would NOT get off on this sort of thing as much as I do, but having worked at a video store during the late 80’s, the prospect of seeing the “Puppet Master” puppets in person had me pretty psyched. I mean, are you kidding me? The only thing that could possibly have been better would be to have the “Demonic Toys” disembowel Corey Feldman in front of me for my own personal amusement. Although this was way back in October, my mutually disturbed co-hort, Mark Trandem, just sent me the pictures so I thought I’d post them. Charles Band and his Full Moon Horror Road Show hit the Varsity Theater in Minneapolis full-steam, bringing with them Brian Lloyd (Evil Bong, Doll Graveyard, Candy Stripers) and Robin Syndey (Gingerdead Man, Evil Bong).
Brian is actually from Grand Forks, ND and I had the opportunity to interview him on the air several weeks before so it was really alot of fun to finally meet him, not to mention his mom. It was also very encouraging to see so many like-minded geeks gathered in one place to grovel at the altar of homicidal puppets and murderous dolls. Here’s a pic of me with Charles Band and one with Brian and Robin. Thanks again, Mark!