So, I woke up from a dead sleep this morning with my wife telling me that the pie she baked was supposed to be at the Hawley Manor for the church pie auction five minutes ago! With crust still in my eyes (sleepy crust-not pie crust) and sporting a nice bed-head hair do I flew out the door and sped into town only to find out that ours was the first pie there! Now, sitting here in my flannel pants and still stinking of sleep, I’m chugging my second coffee and wondering what to do with myself. I decided to upload a few recent drawings and a few not so recent drawings. These are nothing major but why not share, right? First is a drawing I did for Kent at TF Boonies for a shirt that never got made, then a caricature I did for Ginger G’s mom, and lastly a mascot (not sure if it’s going to be used at this point) I drew for a roller derby team. It’s my morning art dump…just for you. Enjoy your Saturday!