the-horror Hey! Thought I’d take a little time out from snow blowing to fill you in on some of the fun, cartoony-type things I got for Christmas. Check out this freakin’ book…boy, does Santa know me well or what? The Horror! The Horror! documents a rare treasury of some of the most important and neglected comics in American literature—the pre-Code horror comics of the 1950s. It’s filled with outrageous comic book images that were censored by Congress in an infamous televised U.S. Senate subcommittee investigating juvenile delinquency in 1954. Check out all the awesome covers and stories in all of their eye-popping glory. The Horror, The Horror is a blast from start to finish and features not only 16 stories but hundreds of rare comic covers. Regarding the cover of Dark Mysteries #13 the author questions: “The guard expresses amazement: `It’s Tom’s leg…. But he was executed last night!’ What is striking, of course, is how many more questions this explanation raises than it answers: How does the guard know it’s Tom’s leg? If this is Tom’s leg, where’s the rest of him? Did his execution involve his dismemberment? Are the other prisoners afraid that the leg itself will, say, give them the boot? Or has something eaten the post-resurrection Tom in one large gulp, leaving only a drumstick, and are the other characters afraid they’ll be next?”

zombie1 Also, Zombies vs Cheerleaders, morbid as well as morbidly funny, is the eclectic tales of…you guessed it, Zombies vs Cheerleaders. Based on the hit trading card series from 5FINITY Productions. Read the exciting stories of the two things everyone loves: zombies and cheerleaders!
Must have been a big year for hot chicks fighting zombies. I also received Sorority Girls vs Zombies. Yes, sometimes, you just want a comic book filled with bursting cleavage, tight tiny outfits, sassy attitude, and some great one-liners. And zombies. Can’t forget the zombies. For those that just want to revel in a comic that just goes all the way in sexually-drenched horror-comedy comes this awesome comic book. Coming from a half-hearted joke idea of how corporations that blend two franchises or genres together to make bigger bucks would eventually bring together the Sorority Girl and zombie genre. A good read all in all. So there’s my Christmas loot. Hope Santa was good to you as well.