Wow! Not exactly the way we planned to bring in the new year! TWO (count ’em) …two blizzards prevented us from our family’s yearly New Year’s Eve get-together with our friends, The Ressler’s! And today, Jackie Brown, our awesome doggie of five-plus years, had her hips give out on her. Going to the vet tomorrow but it doesn’t look good…sigh! She’s been struggling with her walking for some time now. We all had a pretty good cry today in anticipation of the worst. Anyway, we’ll face that tomorrow. On to other things now, like my historical cartoon based on the founding of HUSTLER magazine!


That’s right, I’ve been tapped to write and illustrate the biographical comic about HUSTLER’s humble beginnings. It’s slated to appear in the forthcoming anniversary issue due out this summer. Here’s a peek at a few of the completed panels so far. Below is a young Larry Flynt, pictured here after opening the first HUSTLER Go-Go Club. Prior to this Larry had owned The Hillbilly Haven and Larry’s Hangover Tavern.


Here’s a couple of sequential panels from later in the comic. I had to go online and find a picture of Mr. Flynt’s desk so I could get all of the knick knacks in there. I actually saw his office in person way back when I toured the LFP building several years ago just prior to Larry Flynt Fryer’s Club roast. Helluva lot of gold in there!


Anyhoo,there’s a peek at what’s done so far. Still a ways to go on it but she’s coming along! Hope you have a Happy New Year. I truly appreciate you following my blog and my artwork. I may not be the greatest artist in the world but it’s a nice diversion from day-to-day struggles and just knowing that someone else out there gets a bit of enjoyment from it makes me feel all gooey inside! Alright, enough mush! Beers, farts, laters!