skeeve.jpg Something smells funny down the pipeline, and I’m guessing it’s writer/cartoonist, Kit Lively! The always-tasteful Mr. Lively and myself have collaborated on quite a few comics projects over the years (that aesthetically pleasing feminine hygiene ad above is a fine example) and we continue to do so with our “Gross Gags”, which can be seen quarterly in HUSTLER Humor. Currently, he and I are working on a script for a SUPERMAN spoof that we’re pitching to the folks at LFP, along with another superhero-type satire called “E.S.Pee-yew” that Kit came up with. While you wait for those gems to see the light of day, make sure to check out the forthcoming HUSTLER Humor, due out in March, for more gut-wrenchingly hillarious “Gross Gags” from Kit and myself.peter.jpg