beaver So, we all know that Charlie Sheen LOVES hookers…but holy crap! I read a story the other day that said ol’ good-time Charlie recently spent $26,000 on a three-prostitute romp in Vegas! Sheesh, tough life, eh? Despite his issues, I do find it hard not to like the guy! It seems like an awful long time ago that I penned this Two and a Half Men parody for HUSTLER, but it’s finally on newsstands! Here’s a sneak peek for you…you’ll have to actually buy the magazine to see the rest of it, ya’ mooch! Heh-heh!


By the way, the latest issue features a scorecard of Charlie’s escapades for those of us who can’t keep track but would like to. Also, a pictorial from the latest adult film parody This Ain’t Two and a Half Men XXX, a pictorial of Capri Anderson, and my four-page parody comic, Two and a Half Grams. Golly, that’s a whole lot of Sheen for your money, don’t you think? This will be such a freakin’ collectible you better buy yourself two copies…uh, make that two and a half copies!