megapythongatoroid1 When one tries to define what a cult film is, it’s usually explained as a movie that has an extremely devoted but specific group of fans. The SyFy Channel, and more specifically, The Asylum has definitely carved out a niche in the could-be-a-cult-film phenomenon. Now, obviously these creature features aren’t for everyone, but Mega Python vs Gatoroid certainly did it for me. Why exactly? I would say, it was a number of things that give MPVG the potential to attain cult status. Now, whether or not you think these various ingredients make the film seem a tad contrived is subjective. Either way, The Asylum has come a helluva long way since Super Croc. The tone was light, very campy and quite funny….and that catfight between Debbie Gibson and Tiffany had been a long time coming, brother! Tiffany had so much cleavage on display I thought I was watching a Russ Meyer film. Huzzah!
Monkee fans are going to find the Mickey Dolenz cameo to be a real gutbuster, and I enjoyed A. Martinez as a surly herpetologist who discovers how out of control the swamps have truly become! It’s also hard to beat awesome dialogue, delivered straight-faced, such as, “Feeding steroids to gators. There’s nothing crazy about this…what can go wrong?” or Tiffany’s boyfriend telling her, “Later, Gator!” Mega Python vs Gatoroid was sheer genius in its cheesiness and ridiculousness. Especially the scene in which an entire group of people attending a party pull out huge guns to defend themselves! And that ending…I can honestly say I never expected.

Check out more at THE ASYLUM. Later, Gator