comic.jpgsaddude.jpg It’s been a busy-ass week gearing up for the relaunching of the new “Scotch and DUI” show in it’s afternoon timeslot on the all-new ROCK 102! That’s right…SAD Afternoon Radio; original, eh? It’s hard to believe that a whole three years have passed since my accomplice and I foisted our incompetence upon the Fargo-Moorhead airwaves on a daily basis. For some, I’m sure that our hiatus has not been nearly long enough! Now we’re tanned, rested, and fully-prepared to validate our stupidity once again. I’m also pretty jacked that our voice-guy for all of our in-show segments is none other than Dave Justus, formerly of “Baxter and Justus” and “Justus and Friends” fame! Now to the non-radio-geek-insider this probably isn’t that big of a deal, but “Justus and Friends” was the salad days of radio as far as I’m concerned so just BACK OFF and let me enjoy this six-degrees-of-Kevin-Bacon-association, capiche!? So if you were a Scotch and DUI fan before, this is a reminder to you to tune in to ROCK 102 from 3-6 pm, weekdays starting Monday, Feb. 26th! saddude2.jpg However, if you found our spirited-hijinx unlistenable in the past, then you’ve just been given fair warning and know to listen elsewhere during the designated time period. Above is a couple of panels from the ill-fated ‘Scotch and DUI comic book’ which never saw the light of day, sadly. That is all…you’re now free to move about the cabin at your own discretion!