So, this last Thursday, Feb. 24th, I went to see Modern Man’s latest artwork at Denise Knutson’s Gallery 14. That’s the Supreme Genius up there between myself and Punchgut. I had heard that the art on display would feature potty-heads and babies squashed so naturally I was enthusiastic…not everyday you get to see that sort of thing, right? What I didn’t expect is that it would simply be one piece! That’s right, a single piece of artwork…an 11-foot stretched canvas featuring multiple brilliant, but grotesque images! What I really hadn’t expected was that I would actually be IN the painting!
mod2 What a surprise. All I can say is too freakin’ cool! Apparently, these images all come from Modern Man’s sketches and according to him illustrates the cycle of life from old to young. Modern also remarked that our heads are filled with shit from the day that we’re born. I’m not sure what the baby being squashed represents, but it’s sort of fun in a macabre way that it’s me doing the squashing! All I can say is only Modern Man could get away with having a show with only one piece of art. In fact, during the q & a somebody asked him where all of the other art was and he simply responded that it was out in a trailer. I love it! Below is my friend, and fellow local artist Punchgut, enjoying a little interactive-art Sniff-O-Rama! Breathe deeply, old chum…breathe deeply!
Anyhoo, I couldn’t have had a better time at the show and loved hanging out at Denise’s wonderful gallery at 14 Robert Street North, Downtown Fargo and hope to see more of Modern’s crazy artwork on display elsewhere in Fargo soon! Here’s Denise saying a few words the night of the show in front of Modern’s painting.