Destroy, Create, Mutate (left side of canvas-3/2011)
Destroy, Create, Mutate (right side of canvas-3/2011)
If You Happen To See Any Strangers… (full-6/2010)
strangers I just put the finishing touches on the last piece I was working on for the 44th Annual Hawley Art Show and not a moment too soon. Entries are being accepted this weekend at the Hawley Community Center and the show itself is actually going on next weekend, March 31, April 1, 2 & 3, 2011. Way up top there is the one I just finished, split into two pieces so you can see all the detail work. It’s called Destroy, Create, Mutate and is about 44 inches across. Beneath that is a piece that I actually made for the TRASHED show that Punchgut and I did at DK Gallery last year and is called If You See Any Strangers Make Sure To Tell Them I Said Hello.
Both are done in acryllic with some mixed media images collaged in there. Hope to see you at the art show next weekend. Here’s the full-sized Mutate painting below.