I couldn’t have timed it out better if I had tried…and believe me I’m not smart enough to have done so! The March issue of Hustler Humor is hitting the racks and it just so happens that the dvd release of Tenacious D’s “PICK OF DESTINY” movie is as well! Incidentally, this disc is positively juicy with 14 deleted/extended scenes, an alternate ending and outtakes, and even a bonus disc if you got it at Best Buy like I did! The latest Hustler Humor features a three-page piece from yours truly entitled “An Interview With Obnoxious D”, which features ace-reporter Eva Bouncealot interviewing an oddly-similar, overweight-but-talented singing duo named…you guessed it, Obnoxious D! For the most part it’s pretty sleazy but I’m proud of it! And speaking of sleazy, I also teamed up once again with writer, Kit Lively (the pride of Texas) for yet another ‘Gross Gags’ page that is guaranteed to make your liver quiver! So if you’re not too ashamed to ask the guy behind the counter at the local truckstop for a copy, go ahead and pick one up!