sharktopussy I’m a real sucker when it comes to those SyFy Channel Original Movies… especially ones that feature freakishly-mutated sharks. Recently, Roger Corman himself produced a SyFy original about an 8-tentacled eating machine called Sharktopus. While it’s no Mega Shark, or Mega Python vs Gatoroid for that matter, it is definitely an apex moment in SyFy’s history! I thought it was about time one of these movies got the HUSTLER Humor parody treatment. And so, with the assistance of my demented writing associate Kit Lively, I set to work on Sharktopussy! Now, ordinarily I can find at least one PG panel from my comics that I can post on the Goof Roof website without blushing, but apparently this one is so filthy the best I can deliver is the splash-panel, which I STILL needed to censor because of a bared nipple! Tsk tsk…naughty-naughty! Check out Judd Hirsch with the clipboard. Anyhoo, be looking for Sharktopussy in an upcoming issue of HUSTLER Humor. I’ll keep you posted so you won’t be on fins and needles.