With the fifth installment of the Fast and the Furious franchise in theaters, comparisons are going to be inevitable when discussing The Asylum’s latest, 200mph. From the get-go, director Cole S. McKay unleashes a high-octane, albeit smaller-budgeted attack in the same vein as F&F, but the look of the film is every bit as polished and slick. However, instead of Vin Diesel we get Jaz Martin as a young, college-bound guy who falls into the fast-paced world of underground street racing when his older brother eats it at the hands of Kayce…he’s the evil one. By the way, this flick is filled to the brim with fast cars…and strippers. Seriously, you can’t swing a dead cat without hitting a stripper in this movie and I mean that in the nicest way possible. The lead character’s girlfriend is a stripper. His mom is a stripper. Heck! If you like furious displays of vehicular fury and strippers then this movie is a win win for you. Now, to be fair, not EVERY female in this movie is a stripper. Hennelly Jimenez, the actress who plays the brilliant mechanic with a heart of gold and a midriff that’s meant to be bared is a real dynamo. Same goes for Paul Logan, who you’ll remember from such Asylum classics as Mega Pirhana and The Terminators. 200 MPH is out on dvd now. Check it out from The Asylum.