humor Well, it’s that time once again, folks! The latest issue of HUSTLER Humor is on newsstands now. Editor Bob Muleady has trotted out a copious cavalcade of filth that one can only expect to find in the sticky pages of HH. I’m quite proud to say that my parody of Glee made it into this issue, along with some props for Goof Roof in the mailbag section. Huzzah! Cartoonist extraordinaire, Aaron Warner knocks out an eye-catchingly, disturbing cover as well as a four-page cannibalistic comic titled Dr. Muncher and the Delicious Detective. If that hasn’t suckered you in, you’ll also find Dan Collins’ Ballad of Ironbox Roxy, Trosley’s Thunder Buns, and a classic Honey Hooker comic on disply. That said, the filthiest, funniest, jokes and gag cartoons will certainly please even the most fickle of adult humor fans. So run out to your nearest truck stop or adult bookstore and snag up a copy of the latest HUSTLER Humor so that they continue to keep paying me and plugging my website. Mmmmkay? Thanks.