thorBefore we get started here lets just get one thing straight…this is NOT the bloated, big-budgeted, theatrical version of Thor that we’re about to talk about here. Christopher Douglas-Olen Ray, fresh off his directing duties on Mega Shark vs Crocosaurus is at the helm here and much like his father, the great Fred Olen Ray, Chris delivers consistent B-movie fun time and time again. Almighty Thor tells the tale of a young and naive Thor avenging his father Odin (Kevin Nash), who was killed by Loki, played by Richard Grieco. That’s right, Richard Grieco, bitches. Detective Dennis Booker from 21 Jump Street and damn proud of it! The evil trickster himself wants the infamous hammer that you’ve seen Thor wielding in those Marvel comic books for oh-so-many years. Who wouldn’t, right? Grieco walks around kicking all sorts of butt with his huge-ass, nasty, hounds of hell…or whatever they are, and rocking a powdery white face and black spiky leather outfit that even Marilyn Manson would be envious of. The visual effects were quite stellar for a Syfy channel movie. Color me very impressed!

Now, I’ve become quite an aficionado of the mockbuster in recent years and frankly, I love them. There may be some out there that have a difficult time understanding why someone would prefer to see a cheap knockoff as opposed to the big budget equivalent. The truth is there’s room for both. I can enjoy my Tang as well as my Park instant breakfast drink, can’t I? Sure, maybe The Snorks were no Smurfs but they served a purpose in that Saturday morning time slot…much the same way that Snakes on a Train holds as equally valued a place on my video shelf as Snakes on a Plane.

In our mockbuster, Almighty Thor, Cody Deal plays sort of an inept Thor. But at this stage of the game he is supposed to be inept! Thor can’t fight for crap and Jarnsaxa (Patricia Velasquez) tells him over and over again that he can’t! But does Thor care? Noooo! He can’t beat Loki and yet he continually goes back for more and Richard Grieco just hands his ass to him. Does he beat Loki in the end? Well, I guess one would have to pick up a copy of Almighty Thor on dvd and find out for oneself, now wouldn’t one? Find it at The Asylum or keep your eyes peeled for reruns on Syfy!