Paul Logan is an actor I’ve seen a lot of over the years. Maybe some folks wouldn’t recognize him from a delicious slice of Kraft American cheese, but they apparently don’t watch the same movies we do…that is, assuming you like this sort of thing as much as me. I first saw Mr. Logan in Andy Sidaris’ Return To Savage Beach back in 1998. Helluva good action flick with a hell of a lot of the trademark t&a one would expect from an Andy Sidaris flick. Since then I’ve seen him in everything from Curse of the Komodo to Mega Piranha. I’ve always thought of him as a competent lead actor but never have I seen him in a role so perfectly suited for him as in Ballistica! Ahem, let me explain…

If you’re a fan of those old school 80’s action flicks that featured actors like Chuck Norris, Sylvester Stallone or Dolph Lungren then I’ll bet you a dollar to a donut you’re going to like Ballistica. Here’s my issue with the majority of action flicks these days. Matt Damon as Jason Bourne…perfect example. If you ran into Matt Damon in a dark alley would you be afraid of his ass? Nope. Will Smith? Feh, not likely! I would confidently say that they aren’t nearly as threatening as the action heroes of the 80’s who could legitimately lay a beating on you that would put you into a coma. Enter Paul Logan. The guy is totally ripped, he carries big noisy guns, multiple people are getting beaten and slaughtered per scene, and it’s all done without clever cgi trickery. Well…for the most part anyway.

In the film, Ballistica is described as a hybrid form of martial arts combining weapons training and hand-to-hand combat that Damien (Paul Logan) is trained in. He’s not only a CIA Operative, he is a weapon. Hmmm, sounds pretty bad ass doesn’t it? In fact, he’s our government’s best defense against terrorism; in this case that involves “genetic implosion” —that’s right, I said genetic implosion! I’m not quite sure what that is but rest assured it’s not good. We’ve got some sexy ladies here, we’ve got some seasoned character actors you’re sure to recognize, such as Martin Kove and Robert Davi. But more importantly we’ve got a martial arts, action-thriller that’s guaranteed to make your butt pucker. So Bon appetit! It’s availabe on Netflix or you can pick it up cheap right here from our friends at The Asylum!