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A Glimpse at Art Riot Issue Number 5

Art Riot 5 is available all over Fargo/Moorhead right now! With a slamming cover by Beau Fraase, this little beauty showcases the best of the Fargo artistic underground. Here’s a little peek at what you’ll find in the new issue. Pick it up at M&J Saloon, The Dragon’s Hoard, Duffy’s, Rhombus Guys, Frontstreet, Sidestreet, and…

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Bravengers: Age of Buldgetron is rolling on the presses

I just received the good word from top dog, head cheese, and chief-cook-and-bottle-washer at Seduction Cinema/Alternative Cinema, lovable Mike Raso, that Bravengers: Age Of Buldgetron is rolling on the presses as we speak and should be in our hot little hands by September. Bravengers will be the third full-length comic book adaptation of a Seduction…

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Sinkhole shirts at Fargo-Moorhead Comic Con

I’ll be foisting a limited-run of Sinkhole t-shirts upon the unsuspecting public this weekend at the Fargo-Moorhead Comic Con. I say limited run because I suspect there won’t be a huge demand for them, so I’m only having Boneskot Design make a few. To be honest, there is probably ZERO demand for them, but I…

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