Even in my youth, my greatest aspiration was to see my comics published in a humor magazine of some sort. In fact, my friends and I used to assemble our own humor comic called ‘GARBAGE’ back when we were in the 7th grade. This would have been like 1982. It was drawn in pencil, stapled together and then handed around for our classmates to read at their leisure, during study hall.
Well, fast-forward a few years and not only have I seen my dreams of having my artwork appear in a humor magazine come to fruition (Cracked, Thwak, Jokester, Hustler Humor) but I’ve also met alot of other cool people in the industry. Kit Lively, a very talented writer/cartoonist in his own right, has been my co-conspirator on many published projects. Although he lives in Texas and I live in Minnesota, our passion for art (and crappy slasher flicks from the 80’s) knows no bounds.


I’ve even managed to get some artwork into the movies I love, like “Bikini Girls From The Lost Planet” and “Super Ninja Doll”, both available from Retromedia.

Currently, I’m working in radio in Fargo, ND (where most people know me as Scotch) and have been doing so for two decades. I also draw comics three days a week for The Fargo Forum. I have a lovely family and am very happy doing what I’m doing. In a perfect world, aside from spending time with my family, my only responsibilities would be drawing and watching low-budget horror flicks ’til the sun came up!

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